Student Historian of the Year Award

Labdhi Shah by Carl White.

NCSH President, Elizabeth Sherrill, presents a Student Historian of the Year award to Labdhi Shah while NCSH Secretary, Neva Coker, looks on. (Photo by Carl White.)

Labdhi Shah is one of the first recipients of the  Student Historian of the Year award, new to 2016.

According to our judges:
“One might never suspect that this masterpiece in creativity is the work of an artist only 12 years old – an artist who knows how to bring to the viewer’s attention a unique and clever glance into Tar Heel history.
“This young lady is to be commended for the level of research, the detailed craftsmanship, the quality of the comments that accompany each element of the piece. Each element would stand on its own as worthy of an award, but the over-arching concept of interconnecting three totally different aspects of NC history through the special relationship of ‘earth, water and air,’ is indicative of a higher level of thought than one might expect of a 12-year-old. This work deserves to be displayed in public places – a library, museum, town hall, as an educational tool for students and adults alike.”

Here are some photos of her beautiful and informative diorama:image-6 image-5 image-4 image-3  image-1image-2


Sorry the newsletter is late! I finished it and was ready to send it out when a few changes needed to be made to make it even better. In trying to make some of these changes, and this being a new computer, program and set-up for me, I seem to have encountered some problems that indicate I may need to start all over again. Hey, I’m not computer literate and when it comes to ‘alterations’ of any sort, anything can happen and it did.

In the meantime, my niece from Switzerland came for two week-ends and time was devoted to her visit. Katharine is an amazing person and super intelligent. She taught me some neat moves on Microsoft Word but I didn’t write them down…hence they went in one ear, fascinated and amazed me, then went out of the other ear. Now she has her poor husband, Richard, trying to help me from Switzerland!

I’m not short on help, though. All I have to do is ask for it and it will be here in the form of Larry Griffin, our Vice-President, or Neva Coker, our Secretary and my ‘keeper.’ Only problem is…when I start to work on the newsletter, it is after my day job ends, supper is finished, dishes are done, etc. , the 6 year old and 2 year old have gone home (often nearly 9:00 pm), and a short ‘recovery’ nap. By that time it’s after 11:00 pm and before 2:00 pm. I’ve discovered that there is absolutely no time for sleep to fit into my schedule!

I’m working on membership, too. Just bear with me and you’ll receive your newsletter, membership card, etc. in a jiffy. With a little help, now that things seem to have calmed down around here some, I can make a large dent on my “Things To Do” list.

Plans for our Diamond Jubilee are underway. They will be forwarded to you just as soon as they become definite.

Until next time! Have a great upcoming weekend.



Our Officers and Board of Directors met at Grace Ridge in Morganton, NC, on March 11, to discuss plans for our 75th Anniversary meeting, our Diamond Anniversary!  Our official birthdate is 26 December 2016 as our founding fathers held their first meeting in Chapel Hill, NC, at the Carolina Inn.  Our Society was known then as the North Carolina County and Local Historical Society, established 26 December 1941.

Charter members were:  Dr. D. T. Smithwick,  Louisburg; Phillips Russell [1st President], Chapel Hill; Judge Walter D. Siler, Pittsboro;  Colonel Henry E. Faison, Clinton; a Mr. White of Mebane; Rev. James P. Smith, Smithfield; e. T. McKeithan, Aberdeen; Rassie Wicker, Pinehurst; Judge H. F. Seawell, Carthage; R. W. Smithwick, Jr., Louisburg; Malcolm Fowler (1st Secretary), Lillington; Paul Barringer, Sanford; William D. Maultsby, Council; Paul Barringer, Jr., Sanford; Alexander McArten, Linden; Paul Green, Chapel Hill; and, George Maurice, Eagle Springs.

My how we have grown; and, it boggles the mind to think of all the changes that have taken place in North Carolina over the past 75 years … technology probably being the biggest change.  They used pens, pencils, paper, carbon copies … we use computers, scanners and copiers (and these are only the ones I can think of and I’m not savvy at all when it comes to anything technological)!

Over the years the size of our meetings has grown immensely.  I recall my first award from the society in 1987.  Approximately 25 people were in attendance and we had a program that included a speaker talking about some facet of North Carolina history for about 45 minutes to an hour.  Believe it or not, sad to say, a few people nodded off and, as I scanned the room, there was not a smile t be seen.  My how we have changed.  I deem our group to be as much of a ‘hysterical’ society as a ‘historical’ society.  We have fun because we LOVE our state’s history.  We don’t fall asleep because there is too much going on, too many interesting stories to listen to, too many brilliant people to share our projects with.  We have grown from a small group of that 25 to, at one meeting not long ago, over 150 people.  People from all walks of life with a story to tell…and we LISTEN!

This year we will hold our meeting on October 22, 2016, at the historic Wilkes Heritage Museum in North Wilkesboro, NC.  On October 21, 2016, however, Larry Griffin, Mr. Vice-President, has volunteered his services as host of a Historic Ghost Tour!  Boooo!  You awake?  I’ve never been on a ghost tour so this will be a treat for me.  Larry informed that he not only tells ghost stories, we will get to go into some of the historic places he tells us about…to tour some of these haunted places.  Soooooooo, if you are planning to attend our HISTORIC MEETING, why don’t you plan to stay overnight at one of the hotels nearby (less than a mile from the museum), to relax and explore the town, to take a ghost tour … then go back to the hotel room, go to bed and TRY to go to sleep so that you will be refreshed for award day!  Good luck with that one!

I plan to stay in North Wilkesboro and take in the sights.  I’ll tell you about some places you may want to visit in an upcoming blog.

Until then, mark your calendars for October 22, and come and celebrate 75 years of dedicated, loyal service to the state’s precious history via researching, recording and perpetuating the past for future generations.  God bless you all.  Elizabeth

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Labels come on a roll, ready for application.